How to make a character

This is a simplified version of how to make a character for the game Other Gods


To make a character you need only answer 7 questions.

Question 1. “What Does My Character DO?”

Just pick your character’s occupation. It can be anything appropriate to the time period of the adventure.

Question 2. “What Are Two Really Special Things About My Character?”

As the name implies, these are two interesting or unique traits your character possesses (very strong, tough as nails, mean sum’bitch, etc). Just remember that they need to be things that describe your character at his or her core, NOT a skill or possession.

Question 3. “What Are My Character’s Hobbies?”

Choose any two useful hobbies for your character.


Trade one hobby to take an “obsession”. This is very much like a trait but your character is extremely focused on it sometimes to his or her own detriment.


Trade BOTH of your hobbies to take a secondary profession. This should be something that your character USED to do, or something that he or she could reasonably do on the side while keeping their main occupation.

Question 4. “What Is My Character’s Complication?”

Everyone has something that complicates their life which they (for whatever reason) CANNOT ignore. What is it for you? Are you a family man trying to keep the horrible truths of the world from your loved ones?

Question 5. “What Is My Character’s Flaw?”

Every character has a particular flaw… something that is a true shortcoming in them. What is yours?

Question 6. “What Is My Character’s Goal?” Think of something that drives your character forward. What is it? This is best used in conjunction with the kind of game you’re in lest it never come into play.

Note: Questions 7 and 8 are only asked at the game table, so we will skip ahead to…

Question 9. “How Did It All Begin?”

So tell us what happened? How did your entrance into the strange world of Other Gods occur, or have you even crossed that threshold yet? Perhaps it will happen very, very soon…


How to make a character

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