A police detective


Question 1. “What Does My Character DO?”

Seamus is a veteran police detective.

Question 2. “What Are Two Really Special Things About My Character?”

He’s “Tough As Nails” (he can take some punishment in a fight or when things go badly) and “Surprisingly Smart” (he’s particularly intelligent despite the fact that he’s got a very gruff exterior).

Question 3. “What Are My Character’s Hobbies?”

Seamus loves cars. He’s interested in everything about them. He’s also obsessed with history and spends all of his spare time between the library and the museum.

Question 4. “What Is My Character’s Complication?”

The chief of police doesn’t like Seamus at all.

Question 5. “What Is My Character’s Flaw?”

Seamus has a thuggish personality. He is very rough around the edges and lacking in any sort of diplomacy.

Question 6. “What Is My Character’s Goal?”

Seamus wants to find the “Dockside Strangler”. This was a murder case he investigated years ago but never solved.

Question 9. “How Did It All Begin?”

Five years ago Seamus investigated the Dockside Strangler case, a serial killer that was at large. After a bit of research Seamus was surprised to find plenty of connections in the cities long past to similar events. This led him to becoming absolutely obsessed with history.

On the final night of his investigation of the Strangler he saw something in a warehouse… something that wasn’t human. As the thing came after him, Seamus panicked and knocked over an oil lamp, which burned the warehouse down. The morning papers pronounced the Strangler killed in the fire though no body was found.

Seamus knows that thing isn’t dead, but the chief doesn’t want to hear it. Seamus has been looking for signs of the weird and the unknown ever since.


Seamus is a police detective who works some odd cases. A lot of these cases are not assigned to him. He just decides to investigate them on his own. Luckily he has a really good record of solving crimes so no one bothers him too much about it. Unfortunately, ever since he found evidence that the mayor’s nephew was involved in a murder cover-up last year, the chief of police has really tried to give him every lousy case possible.

Seamus has been looking to find out more about the Dockside Strangler ever since he encountered “it” seven years ago. Everyone thinks the Strangler is dead, but Seamus believes otherwise.

Seamus’ biggest flaw is that he might seem to behave only slightly better than a thug, resorting to questionable means at the first opportunity. He’s quick to draw his pistol if given half a reason and he’s not afraid to pull the trigger. However, he does this because he thinks that the only way to beat the bad guys is by playing their game. He’s actually surprisingly smart and tough as nails.

Seamus’ obsession with history has helped him in his criminal and personal research. He also likes to tinker with cars because they fascinate him.

Seamus appears in examples throughout the Other Gods rulebook.


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